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 VOL. 6
After Katrina - Technology Lifelines @Work
Deerfield Academy


Katrina's havoc in Mississippi

Last year after Hurricane Katrina struck we were all dazed, much like the rest of the country.  We struggled for a long time as a school as to what we could do to help.

It occurred to me, as the person heading up the effort to find useful homes for retired Deerfield Academy computers, that funds that we raised to help after the hurricane could be used to get our very serviceable computers to people, schools, whoever could use them in Mississippi.  I looked for a while and tried to be in direct contact with school systems in Mississippi, but I just did not have the time to put all the pieces together to get the connections made.  This is where the Nation Cristina Foundation entered in.  When I called you and found that you had places that could use what we had to offer, it seemed like a perfect fit.  You had people in need, we had computers and money to ship them.  We decided to make it happen together with you.  We greatly appreciated NCF’s ability to coordinate the logistics.

A number of students from the French Club, the Christian Fellowship and Community Service all worked together to raise the money, to go through the computers to make sure they were working and to reimage them, to pack and seal them for shipping.  It was a lot of fun work.  We are happy these computers were able to find a useful home.

Thank you,
Ben Bakker
Deerfield Academy

Deerfield, Massachusetts
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